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Can you tell me what part of my computer is causing this black out?

I get questions that boil down to this symptom quite often.

My computer switches to a black screen after about 5 to 15 minutes of use.

Then I have to turn it off to get another 5 to 15 minutes of use.

It includes software such as viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, scareware, and more.

The term was probably developed by people (like me) who didn’t want to keep writing out “viruses and spyware and adware and …” when writing about current internet threats.malware, which I’ll discuss in a moment, or it can be due to running a CPU-intensive program or game continuously for a long time.Hello, I currently have 2x2GB DDR3 @ 1066 Mhz Ram (not sure which brand), I want more so I want to upgrade to 8GB instead of 6 because I wont be able to set dual channel mode in it.The only problem is that it has only 2 DIMM slots and the Dell manual says it supports only upto 4GB, but I googled about it and have seen people successfully running 8GB with BIOS update but some claiming that only crucial sticks will work, is that so? Is there any particular tool/software I can run to determine whether my system would support 8GB ram or not? Hi, I\u0027m trying to upgrade the RAM on my work computer, because at 2gb running windows 7 (64bit) with a lot of data-heavy software, it\u0027s unusably slow.With one stick each in the DIMM 1 and 2 slots, it gets through BIOS, but when attempting to boot it prompts that startup failed, to pick one of \u0027startup repair\u0027 or \u0027start windows normally\u0027.It currently has one stick of 2gb DDR3 1333 ram, which it boots on, but is incredibly slow.

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