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Academic Education; Access to Education; Annotated Bibliographies; *College Administration; *College Faculty; *College Instruction; College Planning; ♦Community Colleges; Community Services; Continuing Education; Educational Finance; Governance; Remedial Instruction; Student Personnel Services; Two Year Colleges; *Two Year College Students; Vocational Education This bibliographic guide to the literature that has contributed to the two-year college field over the past 20 years provides annotations to over 650 books, articles, and research reports. Scope of Coverage Included in the bibliography arc more than 680 books, monographs, journal articles, and research reports.

In the final analysts, the compilation of a selective bibliography necessarily involves some subjective judgments, and xiv Preface we acknowledge thai the selection and arrangement of ilic* works in this bibliography iiiulonbiedly reflect our biases.

Overview of ihc Contents The first of thirteen chapters in this bibliography provides a brief introduction and an overview of coinnuiniiy college education and administration as a field of study.

DOCUMENT RESUME JC 860 571 Cohen, Arthur M.; And Others Key Resources on Community Colleges: A Guide to the Field and Its Literature. Further information on ERIC is provided in Chapter Thirteen.

ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges, Los Angeles, Calif. While it is not possible to list all significant works in a single volume, we hope that this bibliography will provide the reader with an overview of the major themes and findings that have appeared in the literature.

Annotations indicate the type of information provided by the work, summarize the author's main point (s), and suggest how and for whom the work is useful. Diane Zwciner Copyright © 1986 by: Jossey-Bass Inc , Publishers 133 California Street San Francisco, California 91101 Jossey-Bass Limited 28 Banner Street London ECIY8QE Copyright under International, Pan American, and Universal Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form— except for brief quotation (not to exceed 1,000 words) in a review or professional work— without permission in writing from the publishers. The UCLA library is an excellent source of information on two- year colleges because the university has offered doctoral-level graduate work in community college education since the mid 1950s.

Outstanding or groundbreaking works are identified, and subject and author indexes are provided. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIC) □ This document has been reproduced as received from the person or organization • originating it. Diane Zwemer Key Resources on Community Colleges Jossey-Bass Publishers San Francisco • London • 1986 KEY RESOURCES ON COMMUNITY COLLEGES A Guide to the Field and Its Literature by Arthur M. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Cohen, Arthur M. (Jossey-Bass higher education series) "Published in cooperation with ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges"— Verso t.p. Several evaluative criteria were used to select items for inclusion in the bibliography: 1.

The Development of Community College Literature 1 2. Exclusion of a work from this bibliography is not necessarily a criticism of that work's value.

FIRST EDITION JACKET DESIGN BY WILLI BAUM Code 864) Thejossey-Bass Higher Education Series Contents Preface xi The Authors xvii 1. The final product is thus a selection of the major literature that has contributed to the field over the past twenty years, augmented by the inclusion of earlier classic works that provide a historical foundation for the body of literature under consideration.

This introductory chapter examines how the field came to be, which key events and people have sha|K*d it.

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