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If you’re dating someone who isn’t moving as fast as you would like, just wait.The emphasis on patience is this: don’t take action because you’re afraid that the guy won’t.

These are the same questions going through first dates' heads, no matter their age.

According to Hitwise data, the profiles of the top visitors to MSF are Bright Young Things and Urban Cool.

Mysinglefriend, founded in 2004 by Sarah Beeny, uses peer endorsement as a key part of the site's appeal.

Matt Connolly conceived the idea of the website to dispel the stigma and solve a problem presented to him around the Sunday lunch table.

At my Lovely Parent.com, instead of a friend describing the hopeful singleton, the adult children describe their 'older' single parent.

It's peer endorsement from the ones who love you most (hopefully).

Friends introduce their friends to prospective partners by way of a written profile and whilst candidates can't amend the write up they've been given, it does allow for a right of reply.

They don't like to go to a club to find such a short-term relationship that last for one or two nights.

His single mother asked him why he couldn't help her find her knight in shining armour, and so he literally went about it.

With some 5.8m people over 45 living alone and some 1.7m women over 65 who are widowed in the UK, online dating for the over-50s has become big business.

There were also various visual improvements made to the game, as well as a new photo mode that’s proven popular with the game’s fanbase.

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