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What I thought would be a few weeks recovery time has turned into 8 months—as I sit here writing this response from Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center receiving care for my condition.I have been struggling with post-concussive syndrome for months, which has caused vast vestibular issues and autonomic dysfunction.

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At this time, my college basketball coach was helping me find an agent to pursue a professional basketball career.

I had a meeting with my coach soon after and told her that I'd decided to set my basketball career aside and I was going to move to SLC and become an Olympian.

Mother and father have been in the education system for 30 years.

Mother is currently the Dean of Student Success at the College of Central Florida (Ocala, FL) and Father is a high school teacher and basketball coach at Dixie Hollins (St. My sister currently lives in Atlanta, GA and is involved in the performance industry as a professional dancer and choreographer.

My earliest memory of seeing my sport was in 2002 at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

My inline skating coach, Renee Hildebrand, and I went to SLC to watch the Olympics together.

He resigned from his basketball coaching position when I got to high school so he could attend my games.

When my school got word of this, they immediately hired him, and I had the honor to play for my dad throughout my high school basketball career.

Because of both of my parents’ backgrounds, sports, education, and faith have been the center of my my and my sister’s lives. I do not have any pets of my own but we have two cats back home at my mom’s house in Ocala, FL. Chloe is a special needs cat (deaf and balance problems). In your hometown, what are your favorite spots to relax, eat out, etc.? My godparents own a beach house just south of the city and it is one my favorite places in the world to unwind and relax. Spend a lot of time on the bike, in the weight room and building strength in skating position through off-skate exercises.

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