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Worker beware: Your employer may want to kick your husband or wife to the curb.

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"The eligibility percentage remains a critical question because even small changes to this number can have a material impact on an employer's benefit costs.

For this reason, we expect employers to manage and monitor part-time eligibility closely."“An advantage of the $1,430 that the largest employers saved per participating employee per year is that they can redirect these savings to higher direct compensation, workforce training and development, or to the company's bottom line," Larkin said.

FDA-approved contraceptive methods prescribed by a woman’s doctor are covered, including: Health plans sponsored by certain exempt religious employers, like churches and other houses of worship, don’t have to cover contraceptive methods and counseling.

If you work for an exempt religious employer and use contraceptive services, you may have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Some experts predict that companies will eventually eliminate spousal health coverage altogether, even for husbands and wives who don’t have their own employer health insurance to turn to.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, because those spouses might be able to obtain subsidized health plans through the Obamacare exchanges, says Deborah Chollet, a health insurance research leader at Mathematica Policy Research in Washington, D. “To some extent, families actually could be better off,” she says.

But the trend is older than Obamacare, says Jo Ann Volk, a senior research fellow and project director at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms in Washington, D. “Before the ACA, there were a lot of employers that would not extend coverage to spouses if they had an offer of coverage through their own employer,” she says.

The health care law doesn’t require employers to cover husbands and wives in their health insurance plans, she adds, just dependent children.

Plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover contraceptive methods and counseling for all women, as prescribed by a health care provider.

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