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Sometimes though I find one that actually has something to say (before The Lo-Down it was Teri Hatcher's Burnt Toast).The Lo-Down is not merely a I know what you're thinking: "Oh boy. Another celebrity who thinks they can write a book." Even if you were a Laguna Beach lover, and an avid watcher of The Hills, you still might feel that way.

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Personally I found the decriptions of the "Baddies" to be quite interesting.

The "Baddies", for those of you who don't know, are the types of guys that we tend to be attracted to but the ones that never seem to meet our expectations.

Count Lo Bosworth out of any "The Hills" revival talk!

The wellness blogger confirmed she has no interest in a cast reunion, telling listeners of her "Lady Lovin'" podcast that her time on the MTV reality show was "ancient history." See what candid words Lo had for her former co-stars.

Bosworth's tone in this book is non authoratative; rather it is like listening to one of your girlfriends as they dish out advice.

It is this approach that will no doubt appeal to teen girls who are looking for someone to treat them as an equal.

I'm here to tell you that you would be wrong to think so.

The Lo-Down is not merely a bitter diatribe about disaster relationships, but it is also not all sunshine and rainbows.

Though, she hates yoga classes, but still attend one due to its rewarding benefits.

Reality TV personality Lauren "Lo" Bosworth has witnessed her fair share of bad dating and has experienced some herself.

You all know one of these guys, possibly you have even dated a couple of them.

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