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Steve Mack - 3.1.2018 So I check in to see if anyone is up to no good (bsides me) and I see ... And, no, I don't think anyone visiting here is interested in flowerexs, etc., from Bogatoye, Oblast in Russia. It requires an essay, and the selection process is supervised by the Guidance Department. Here's the LINK to the MIKE LYONS choice on the Foundation website. Thanking You in advance from the bottom of my heart.

I was 16 when I first started listening to you on WTAI!! The Music you play makes me feel like I'm 16 again!! So lucky to have grown up in those years exposed to that great Progressive Rock! If you have a WORJ License Plate or TSHIRT, wear it proudly, and think of our old pal, Al. (Mike also was an award winning Morning Show Talent at WDIZ, WHTQ and WINZ in Miami as well as working as Vice President of Triple A Promotion at Lee Arnold Marketing and Triple A Radio Dot Com) In order for his memorial scholarship, "The Mike," to be presented at Edgewater High School here in Orlando (Mike's Alma Mater) on May 18th, it needs to be funded (by no later than May 10th) The Mike Lyons 0 Memorial Scholarship, called The Mike, is awarded to a student planning to major in communications or journalism.

Tommy Yoko - 1.9.2016 I happened to stumble across this, when I was trying to find my old Zeta7 tag, to put on my truck.

Hanna East West - 8.19.2015 i can't WAIT to see you all tomorrow at the Orange County Regional History Center for the WORJ roundtable..way you cut it, VISIONARY Lee Arnold brought passionate PROGRESSIVE music to this market with balls, bravado...& HEART... Greg - 8.18.2015 Lee, would love to be there and chat about the old days but I am at my ranch in Madison Valley, Montana, 30 miles West of Yellowstone National Park. 10 hours of interviews, and we played them all on the radio at WTAI, Tthe South's FIRST Progressive Rock Station. Can't wait to see you on Thursday at the Round Table.

I still have a home in Central Florida but I need a heat escape at my old age. Lee Arnold - 8.17.2015 Greg, your mention of Orlando's Winterfest reminded me of Florida's PRE-Woodstock Festivals, the two Miami Pop Festivals in Hallandale. Steve Mack - 8.17.2015 I hope people realize our part in this discussion is not about animosity or a pissing contest, just getting facts straight.

I messaged you back in November of 2014 and told you that I remembered you and Steve Mack on WTAI and then you on WKPE and WORJ!! Rick Lee Arnold - 5.17.2017 It appears that my Internet Radio Station of the last 10 years is BACK. He passed away yesterday after his battle with lung cancer. You were broadcasting a quadraphonic signal at the time if I remember rightly. (The Deadline is Next Tuesday, May 10th) Sending out an alert to all the old pals of WORJ's Music Director, Air Talent and Producer of "Flash News", Mike Lyons.

Lee Arnold Howard Bates B - 5.22.2017 I just Want to say how glad I am that you (Lee Arnold) are back on the air on Live365!! It requires an essay, and the selection process is supervised by the Guidance Department. It will take you directly to the MIKE LYONS choice on the Foundation website. The KBFH, playing whole albums, broadcasting live concerts, the Infinate Mushroom comercials, the bootleg recordings that I know you were playing and every other thing that made "ORJ" a rare treasure and oh so sadly one of a kind. I'll be listening to the Live365 broadcast where Lees' programing is still very pleasing. With deep affection, Rob Lee Arnold - 12.7.2016 It is with the heaviest of hearts, that I have to report the passing of my friend and the genius behind the iconic WORJ logo and artwork, Al Carroll. Have fond memories of listening to such a great radio station when I was on vacation in Florida back in the mid-70's. Lee Arnold - 5.4.2016 The last 6 days to make a contribution.

In the meantime, I suggest all our loyal listeners should tune to for your music fix. Sam Creecy - I had gotten out of the Air Force and returned to Fort Myers with my family and a pile of stereo gear I'd purchased overseas and a Radio Shack external FM antenna. 73s Sam Creecy/KK4VTC Jerry Thompson - 12.5.2015 Judging from the sincere and appreciative tone of all these posts says WORJ is big in the hearts of many people.

The antenna and it's pole were the first things installed after the furniture. Most evenings, I would calibrate the Dolby unit, load a reel of Blackwatch tape on the tape deck and get ready to record. It gave me something to listen to while I studied my college courses. I am genuinely saddened by the ultimate fate of WORJ. Mike both personally and professionally radiated such enthusiasm he seemed almost electric with some kind of energy.I sincerely hope some day you will have a chance to "do it again." I'll be listening.- Jerry "Pat O'Day" Thompson Mark Tillery - Sorry, I was unable to attend the Roundtable Discussion live; however, I did watch the video and very much enjoyed the stories and memories of WORJ.Back then Cellar Door would promote events down at the T-bowl that would have 4 great bands for about .00. Lee Arnold - While I'm stuck in Florida and can do nothing about this until I return home in January, it appears that my 8 year old Internet radio station, WORJ, will stop broadcasting tomorrow, January 1st, as our provider LIVE365 is throwing in the towel due to untenable rate increases.I will find another service provider upon my return. Gonna have to do some upgrades, but happy that it has returned. :-) Lee Arnold - 5.3.2017 Thank you, one and all, that supported the Mike Lyons memorial scholarship, "The Mike," to be presented at Edgewater High School in Orlando (Mike's Alma Mater) on May 10th. WORJ mate Doug Van Allen (Laby) will be at Edgewater High School to make this years presentation to the next generation of Broadcaster/Journalist. Lee Arnold - 4.26.2017 We're down to the LAST FIVE DAYS for Fund Raising.

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