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Rumors say that Ed Westwick‘s girlfriend cheated on him and not only with his friend, which is bad enough, but with several other guys too.

Obviously, she broke poor Ed’s heart and their deal was closed for good, even though Jessica tried to win Ed back, she couldn’t.

Jess even flew to London where Ed was on filming, but he did not want her back, as he was still deeply hurt.

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Höhepunkt der Liebesverwicklungen: eine Affäre mit Chefin Diana Payne (Liz Hurley). Nach dem „Gossip Girl“-Finale tauchte Chace Crawford ab – und 2015 plötzlich wieder auf: In der Seifenoper „Oil“ spielt er einen armen Typen, der auf Öl stößt.

In der Serie: Die frühreife „Little J“ hatte es sich in den Kopf gesetzt, „B“ als Highschool-Regentin abzulösen. Taylor Momsen stieg nach der vierten Staffel aus, um sich komplett ihrer Rockband The Pretty Reckless zu widmen.

Personal life of this great actor is as much colorful as his filmography.

Ed Westwick’s relationship status appears to be the most intriguing fact in his biography.

She played an old Dan Humphrey’s childhood friend Vanessa Abrams.

Jessie portrayed an underground girl that was fighting against rich and cruel Upper East Siders, though she started to fight them for all the good reasons, later she used the same methods as her hated people and that was fraud, blackmailing and harshly messing with other people’s lives.Ihr neuestes Album „Going To Hell“ erreichte in den USA 2014 Platz 5 der Charts.Rolle: Dan Humphrey In der Serie: „Lonely Boy“ schrieb und schrieb – und schmachtete von Brooklyn aus seiner „S“ hinterher. Zur Zeit oberste Prio für Penn Badgley: seine Indie-Band Mothxr.Creative producer Rachel Eck also claimed that he'd sexually assaulted her around the same time.Since then, 23-year-old stylist also came forward in an exclusive interview with Daily to accuse Westwick of rape.Maybe Ed was too young for Drew, as he was only 21 at that time, while she was 33.

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