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Brexit was something South African's kinda knew about. but for fans of AKA, Bonang Matheba and DJ Zinhle were the only ones that mattered in 2016 was their dirty, saucy and addictive dirty laundry. The war: 2016 Just a year ago (May 27 to be exact) AKA broke his silence and went into battle mode against his baby mama, DJ Zinhle. Zinhle had done an interview on , the show Bonang is a host on, and pictures of AKA with his mom were on display in Zinhle's house.

It's not surprising, considering how many times the publicity-hungry pair have "broken up" before.

Earlier this year, the rapper made a rather dramatic announcement on Twitter that he had split from Bonang.

“Why the f*ck should I protect the mother of my child when she is making a career out of shading me? In his Twitter rant, AKA claimed to no longer want to remain quiet about issues plaguing him, and highlighted how a ‘T-shirt post’ was the reason for him to speak out. I’m done being quiet.’ Euphonik has recently started making #Nonke (everyone) T-shirts after his subtweets to Bonang trended.

‘Yesterday was the end of me keeping my mouth shut. The #nonke hashtag relates to a series of tweets from the DJ earlier this month, in which he referred to Bonang as mentally unstable and slut shamed her.

She put her career on stand by to give him a beautiful daughter and that, he wouldn't get to Queen B.

Q b will and always look for what's best for her To any relationship compromise is key — Thembelani Mathe (@bonguyise) December 29, 2017 If u lying to us its OK but to be honest yo relationship won't last still u more of a family man hence Bonang is da opposite...

The rapper revealed that he was hurt that Zinhle has a better relationship with his mother than he does, and that he’s trying to reconcile with his mother.

Lynn expressed that she was open to meeting Bonang and is hoping that all conflict can be resolved.

Both Zinhle and AKA ended the night with performances in Swaziland.

And AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes, who was a large focus of her son’s tweets yesterday also commented on Twitter.

❤️ — AKA (@akaworldwide) December 29, 2017 Instead of social media users responding sadly, however, the announcement led to laughs and memes galore.

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