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If only a few of the cards were printed or only a small number have survived the ages, your card may be very valuable.

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They also contain information and pictures that help with identifying the cards.

The following are several price guides for postcards available from Amazon: Some websites have unusual postcard books for sale, including Vintage or Postal, where you can find dozens of guides to help you identify your postcards.

Find out how these cards are selling and the prices buyers are paying for them.

The website Valuable Rare Postcards lists highest prices for paid for postcards monthly.

They can easily bring more than $150 apiece at auctions.

A postmark can help to establish the age of a postcard, and along with the message on the back, it offers provenance for collectors.

If you're hoping to find out how much your card is worth, follow these steps.

Note the condition of the card, the picture on it, and identifying factors, and the age. Postcard price and identification guides are useful tools in determining the current market value of postcards.

If you suspect your card or your postcard collection carries a lot of value, it's always a good idea to have it professionally appraised.

If you'll be selling the postcard, this will help you get a fair price.

Some cards had flocking, glitter or gilding, and those sections of the card need to have as much of the original material as possible.

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