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Pastor Rick Warren offers a book which is like an operational guide to living with faith, making decisions in the light of faith, and achieving goals.

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How to do more than control your temper, but actively become patient and compassionate?

This book offers guidance to the center of one's spirituality, toward a happy, grateful, and loving life.

Memorable and valuable to the young, ethical teachings form young minds.

In some long-ago time we weren't afraid to talk about trying to be holy, because we knew what we were talking about.

A guide to Christian thinking, since it determines one's actions.

Author Robert Thomas devotes each chapter to a specific need or sphere within our lives and, using Biblical passages sorts out how to adjust our thoughts concerning each thing, such as: possessions, family, how much to love Jesus.

He converted to Christianity, formed a now-nationwide prison ministry, and wrote avidly on theology and questions facing Christians.

Even his detractors must admit that a brilliant mind and tireless energies are evident in his work. Told through the points of view of women of his family and household.

Now that it must be defined, Bridges makes it clear to readers, and how important it is that Christians start the attempt to strive toward it.

The timelessness of such a goal is evident in the writing.

Afterwards, he began writing about it and drawing interpretations from Scripture that matched what he'd felt.

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