Dating aphrodite book

Avoid Poseidon men, unless you think Courtney Love enjoyed scraping Kurt Cobain's brains off the wall.Just as Aphrodite is a combination of two goddesses, her marriage involves two gods. Aphrodite women love the beautiful things Hephaestus men make for their wives.At night and on weekends, Ares and Aphrodite have passionate romance and great sex. They need women to appreciate the beautiful things they make.

When we get, do, or consume what we need to return to homeostasis, we feel pleasure.

E.g., when you're cold, nothing is so pleasurable as a hot drink.

Pandora had not only domestic skills and sex appeal, but also "shamelessness, cunning use of language, lies, and deceitfulness."Aphrodite women shouldn't marry Hermes men.

They'll have fun for a while, but the marriage will lack commitment.

E.g., Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb, or Bill Gates building his empire. Take him to a weird party, and he'll act like an anthropologist visiting an exotic tribe- observing, occasionally talking to people, but staying detached and emotionally uninvolved.

To meet Hephaestus men, go to a computer conference or Star Trek convention.

Don't ride on the back until he passes the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, and buys you a helmet, leather jacket, and cool new boots. Combined with Hephaestus's 900 megahertz learning skills, once he's interested in swing dance he won't stop until he's mastered every move.

Then suggest a drive up to the city for spicy Thai food, and return on Skyline with a starry stop at a scenic overlook.

When an Aphrodite woman's body signals that it's out of balance, she looks for an opportunity to experience the pleasure of returning to homeostasis. Her pains and pleasures are immediate, not some time in the future.

Actresses who use Aphrodite sexiness-e.g., Bo Derek, Brigitte Nielsen (married five times, including to Sylvester Stallone)- quickly rise to movie star status. The public seems to want only a "one-night stand" with Aphrodite actresses.

Hephaestus men are faithful to their wives, usually because no other woman wants them.

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