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The study found that of the 17,000 people on Georgia’s state registry, 5% were “clearly dangerous” and just over 100 were “predators” compelled to prey on kids.But, of course, most people will assume if there are 17,000 registered sex offenders in Georgia there are 17,000 “registered child predators.” Wrong.Generally speaking, the guy that feels the most sexually desirable and down for sex is also the guy that feels he has the world in his palm.

That boy’s mom and grandma wanted to keep their child safe, but I would not be surprised if any natural “gut instincts” of his have been shattered for life.

(Not to mention his trust in his loved ones.) The same goes for the young ladies here.

This video most reminds me of the scary hitchhiker warnings of the deep, dark 1960s: “Never pick up a stranger.” (Which also became the slogan for an anti-freeze, but I digress.) Unfortunately, it’s kind of scary, misleading message that everyone loves to share, as if it’s a public service. On another note, the mention of “750,000 Registered Child Predators” at the end is wrong.

There are indeed over 750,000 registered sex offenders, but the majority of people on the registry do not pose a threat to kids. Here’s a piece in The Economist quoting a study done by the Georgia Sex Offender Registration Review Board (not a state that’s soft on crime).

What I really wanted was to land back on my feet and start conquering the world again.

Writing about this is a little weird for me because it’s really personal (and I am a private person in general), but I think it’s worthwhile for people to be frank about this sort of thing.

Moreover, sexuality in relationships is a complex thing.

I mean, to be blunt, guys have a whole spectrum of things they like that get them turned on.

So, like the Joey Salads video that showed a man going to the playground and luring children off to see his puppy, it’s not that this cannot be done.

It’s that the whole “experiment” is premised on the idea that this is a common scenario. But it sure feels that way, thanks to videos like this.

There are just too many disappointments, disadvantages and even dangers that threat women who pursue such a course of action.

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