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But several justices appeared hesitant without an actual case before them, and repeatedly questioned its own authority to delve into an area with a fiscal impact.

“Do we have the power to tell counties how much to spend on attorneys? “Do we have the power to tell the legislature how much to spend on attorneys?

Unlike other types of consumer debt, it’s impossible to refinance a federal student loan and have it stay a federal student loan. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and others have proposed giving federal student loan borrowers the option to refinance their loans to take advantage of lower interest rates.

Market Watch and the Center for Financial Literacy held a panel discussion recently on the topic of all things related to student loans, at Champlain College in Burlington, Vt.

“It was extraordinarily beneficial for me,” he said.

Foss graduated from college in 2007 and law school in 2010 and had racked up many loans he owed to multiple lenders by the time he graduated.

Be wary of refinancing your federal student loans with private companies: A variety of relatively new private lenders, including So Fi and Common Bond, offer certain student loan borrowers the option to refinance their federal loans at lower interest rates with the companies.

Typically borrowers with good jobs and relatively high-level degrees are the only ones that qualify for these services and that means the borrowers will often get a lower interest rate than they would on their federal student loan.At a public hearing on Wednesday (May 16), members of the Court questioned whether it has authority to take any action, noting the SPD rate paid to private bar attorneys – and the funding that it requires – is set by the Wisconsin Legislature. “We are asking you to take minimal action that we think could push us in the right direction,” said Crandon attorney Henry Schultz, who filed the petition on behalf of the petitioners along with co-counsel John Birdsall, a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney.The petitioners also argued that the Court has inherent authority, a co-equal branch of government with authority over the court system, to declare the rate unconstitutional.“I was getting more mail every month that I ever had in my entire life,” Foss said, adding that he realized that he couldn’t write eight separate checks every month. “I went from writing eight checks to one check.” Consolidating your federal student loans can also give you more repayment options.Borrowers who have loans from the Federal Family Education Loan Program, which was discontinued in 2010, aren’t eligible for some of the income-driven repayment plans offered by the federal government.However, the Court declined to take the petitioners’ requested action on another part of the petition, which dealt with the hourly rate paid to private attorneys who take overflow and conflict cases from the State Public Defender (SPD). Supreme Court’s 1963 decision in , all states have an obligation to provide (and pay for) legal representation for indigent criminal defendants.

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