Body language dating book

It's targeted mainly at PUA's [pick up artist's] yet I can see it being useful for others too.

Especially those who want to depict male and female interactions during courtship or just trying to tell a visual story without words.

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Universal Facial Expressions Emotional Downtime Cocooning Turtling – It’s When The Head Goes Into It’s Shell The Types Of Hugs Additional Emotional Body Language Summary Chapter 12 – Mirroring And Building Of Rapport Introduction The Chameleon Effect (Mimicry) Research Into Purposeful Mirroring What To Mirror To Gain Favours Using Mirroring In Negotiations What Stops Mirroring?

When Mirroring Can Backfire When Mirroring Creates Flow Why Our Pets Look Like Our Kids And Couples Like Each Other Who Is In Charge Of Mirroring? Summary Chapter 13 – Courtship Signals Introduction Why Men Don’t Seem To Get It And Why Women Are Half The Problem It’s A Women’s Job To Attract Attention The Most Common Female Sexual Signals She Displays Submissively, Sexually, Gets Closer And Builds Rapport Tibial Torsion And Shoulder Shrugs To Appear Childlike Wrist And Neck Exposures Smiling, The Forehead Bow And Childlike Playfulness Sexual Hair Play The Hip Tilt and Parade, The Hip-To-Waist Radio, Breasts and Buttocks The Room Encompassing Glance Grooming And Preening The Leg Twine And Leg Crossing Hiking The Skirt And Showing Skin Loving Tight Jeans, Short Skirts And Ornamentation Proximity, Pointing And Touching Echoing And Mirroring Is The Mating Dance Kiss Test And Stages In Intimacy How Women Can Avoid Solicitation By Men: Gaze avoidance Gestures Posture patterns He Displays Dominantly, Sexually, Gets Closer And Builds Rapport – Introduction How Men Display Interest – An Introduction And Further Reading The Male Crotch Display Eliminating Beta Male Body Language Dominant Body Language The Dominant Male Stance How Men Can Use Negative Body Language Tonality Advice For Men Smiling And Gazing Advice For Men How Men Should Gaze The Ten Steps To Intimacy Summary Chapter 14 – Office Body Language Introduction How To Signal I’m Here To Help But Not Be Your Friend – Some Tips For Salespeople How We Prefer To Orient Ourselves When Standing The Types Of Handshakes Types Of Bad Handshakes My Little Handshake Experiment Thwarting Dominant Handshakes Handshake Advice For Women Handshake Conclusion Power Sitting For Women – What To Do, What To Avoid Appearing Masculine – Power Dressing Advice For Women Leaning And Ready Language In The Office And Elsewhere Leadership Body Language How To Handle The Type Of Bosses: Autocratic Democratic Laissez-Faire Job Interview Body Language Before You Get There When You First Arrive Your Entry During The Interview Gestures Your Exit Reading Buy Signals Summary Chapter 15 – Seating Arrangements Introduction How We Know Why We Meet Early Research Into Seating Arrangements : Casual Corner Position Cooperative Side-By-Side Position Independent And Opposite Position Competitive Head-To-Head Position Leadership Positions And The Head Of The Table Square Tables Circular Seating Positions Positions In Circular Tables Other Complex Seating Arrangements How To Set Up Your Office Some Ways To Set Up An Office Office Artifacts – The Other Nonverbal Messages The Power Of Chairs How To Be Forgotten – The “Center-Stage Effect” Who In The Audience Is The Most Keen?

I could talk to them but could never get past LJBF [Let's Just Be Friends].

I don't know about being a MPUA [Master Pick Up Artist] but learning the skills I think is worthwhile." "I was very fortunate to get to read an early version of The Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language.

It's honestly a great read, I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone knows about this book because there is nothing like it.

Quote: "As for the pick up, I have never had much success with women.I'm interested in dating because it is a fun experience.""Wow, I just finished the book. It was so much better than any other article or book I've ever read.The pictures were awesome, you did a great job of explaining things clearly and you covered every aspect of body language.Emblems, Illustrators, Affect Displays, Adaptors And Regulators Emblems: Word Replacement Gestures Some More Examples Of Emblems Illustrators: To Colour Language Affect Or Emotional Displays Recognizing Body Affect By Culture Adaptors Regulators, Regulate Speech How To Use Regulators Culturally Our Bodies Are All Basically The Same!Some Gestures Are Universal High/Low Context, Culture And Touching The Ways Cultures Meet And Greet Summary Chapter 4 – Space And Territory Introduction Proxemics Personal Space Distances Culture And Personal Space Personal Space And Country Folk Status, Context And Personal Space People As Objects Space And Eye Contact Spatial Empathy The Urinal Game Indicators of Invasion Summary Chapter 5 – Seeing Eye To Eye – A Look At The Language Of The Eye Introduction Gazing The Friendly Social Gaze When Men’s Eyes Meet Women’s Eyes – The Intimate Gaze The Business Gaze Why Sometimes Eye Contact Is Bad Putting Your Best Side Forth How To Avoid An Attack Or Speeding Ticket Dilated Pupils The Room Encompassing Glance Eye Blink Rate Extended Eye Blinking Eye Blocking The Double Wink Eye Flashes, Eye Widening And Flashbulb Eyes Looking Up Through The Forehead Eye Size And Neoteny Shifty Eyes Looking Askance And Eye Rolling Stealing Looks Audience Eye Contact Eye Direction, Thought And NLP Using The Eye Trick To Predict Things How People Learn Eye Contact In Business Eye Contact During A Job Interview Eyebrow Flash – The Social Greeting When And How To Use The Eyebrow Flash Catching People Who Fail To Recognize You The Eyebrows In Communication Summary Chapter 6 – Smiles and Laughter Introduction The Origins Of The Smile And The Honest Smile Where Do Smiles Come From?I think anyone interested in learning about non verbal cues should buy this book, it's totally worth it.

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