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Get specific about something fitness-oriented that you saw in his profile.

If he says he loves to ride bikes, ask how many miles he rides a week and even bring up your favorite trails.

"Screen names should be fun, flirty, and memorable," says Julie Spira, online dating pro and founder of Cyber Dating Expert.

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Details, details, details: It's easy to mention that you care about staying healthy, but specifics will really catch a guy's eye.

"You need to convince whoever is looking at your profile that you're fit and active, so just saying it won't cut it," says Dr.

No matter what you do, you will never stop attracting the guys who just want casual sex.

Those guys are usually sending short, generic messages to every remotely attractive woman in a fifty mile radius.

Helen Fisher, a Biological Anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor for

Instead of writing something like "staying fit is really important to me," get down to the nitty gritty.Make sure your profile is detailed and interesting. If you've been doing all the right things for months on end and you're still not finding anyone even remotely suitable, then the pool of men on dating sites in your area may be wrong for you. Highlight the unusual things about you, and avoid cliches at all cost. That's how I met the most recent guy I started dating. It can be tough to figure out exactly what to say to someone who seems like a good fit, but under-doing it is better than overdoing it."Send your potential date an email that's 3-5 sentences long," Spira recommends.The Royal We: You have to make it clear that you would bring this dude into your active world instead of leaving him in the dust, says Fisher.

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