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This weekend, Alden Ehrenreich, 23, and Alice Englert, 18, transform into Beautiful Creatures, a supernatural love story based on the popular southern Gothic young-adult novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, that — to quote Hollywood — fills an empty slot left by a money-minting machine called Twilight.

To Ehrenreich and Englert, Creatures is a nuanced, wit-infused departure from the vampire-meets-mortal franchise (no offense).

It has one app (Yellow Pages), which sort of works.

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So I reinvented — I haven't read the other books yet – but I reinvented, because this (film) can stand on its own as a great love story and a great adventure and a great story of a girl claiming herself — for herself.""He took the mythology really seriously," Stohl says."We trusted him and we really went with him."La Gravenese wooed Davis by fusing together the character of Ethan's trusted family friend and the town librarian.

"I knew that I would only get an actress of her caliber if there was a challenge to the part in some way.

When La Gravenese cast Irons, "I thought Richard was joking," Garcia adds."My earlier drafts were the entire book," says La Gravenese.

"But for me, I didn't feel anything for characters as much because there was too much plot and too much magic and too many devices.

Fame is brewing It doesn't go unnoticed that just over the roof of LACMA, a billboard with Englert's and Ehrenreich's faces hangs on the skyline.

Fame is calling, and fans are starting to scream at signings."I'm in denial," says Englert."It's still uncertain what exactly the mountain we're climbing is," adds Ehrenreich. "They're both incredibly literate and they have no interest in this sort of celebrity fame scene," says La Gravanese.There was only one hiccup: The two young, largely unknown stars La Gravenese wanted for his leads hadn't called him back."I'll be honest with you, the reason I really wanted to meet them and talk with them is because neither one of them wanted to do it," says La Gravenese, who adapted the 600-page novel into a screenplay that he says honors the characters while slightly altering the original tale to make a cohesive standalone film."I had to go after them."Today, on a sunny patio at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Ehrenreich and Englert sit side-by-side at the lunch table, volleying questions, teasing each other like siblings and debating the menu. kind of coffee," the Australian actress explains of her native drink.Like the novel it's based off of, the movie isn't just for teens—it's sophisticated and smart. The cast is comprised of an all-star mix of Oscar-nominated actresses like Viola Davis and Emma Thompson and Young Hollywood favorites including Thomas Mann.Alden Ehrenreich, 23, and Alice Englert, 17, play the protagonists, Ethan and Lena.After meeting the director, "I saw immediately that what Richard was doing with this had its own DNA from anything else like it and had its own intelligence and wit," he says.

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